rain (leading into winter

it should be snowing, but water melts
& leaves tiny rivers along the edge,
small toes white from cold & breath
raw from last night dance in puddles,
two leave wait their turn while crows
holler at one another, but it’s hard to
understand, thoughts of winter begin,
question, does it begin at an onset,
no sense in a mark, something of a
missed punctuation, but as it falls,
snow seems so far away, a thought,
short, but point, waiting, maybe in time,
a slow build up, half-frozen as morning
awakes over dark streets


to be continued: XVIII – (ballet

wait in a small room,
hold still, stand with
toes pointed, dance
& a colouring book,
so here it is, spelling
mixed with a sense of
subtraction, the costume
is out of season, peek
& hide, find a small
crayon, write the name