thinking about the strings attached
to the page, along the warm waters
of thought, & when the dog begins
to wine, abrupt while listening,
we hear the absolute in the shaking
off of wet fur, & another pen
tells a story, shared between one,
the eye in the see, we listen, of
course, the single drop in a

fall (the scent of summer

there is dust on the typewriter,
scattered letters & no coherent
words, the dog lays a little to the
left & outside the sun speaks to
fallen leaves, to say as much
as a decent goodbye, frost &
bugs that live in the bark of
a half fallen tree cling to the last
scent of summer, a spider crawls
down the street on two legs & as
the rain begins to fall, windows
leave marks on the floor & a carton
of milk stands two weeks old

to be continued: XXVII – (meadow

each, the slope
of a hill, horns
& the smell of wind,
dog in the morning,
pass by, collect
samples of, & birds,
it isn’t long, like
they say, leaves to
follow, branches of
solitude, play on grass,
a page a turn,
sleep & blue skies,
the bugs don’t care,
cough with the
stick, fold, stand
& walk towards, roll
with, but go

to be continued: XVII – (letter grade

grades in, some going out,
an attempt at passing, to drive
out, the road in, over the
underpass, the essay said so,
it isn’t it’s meaning, the
variable of understanding,
a wallet within, an outside piss
of a chance, but the dog
writes better, more over,
yogurt & a letter, so here

to be continued: XV – (here

after coffee, at the doorstep of,
cuticle by any other means,
the rights side of the finger,
language in another language
says some of the same things,
there is this intersection of
the mind-set, this originality
in a box, in this last instant,
a series of gaps became dynamic,
a motion of upwords down, together
in this frozen screen, cursor diaries
& dogs breath, still foul, from here,
this, this matter of tract, this one less
stand still, this power cord frenzy,
so much depends, but deepens