untitled waves

the coast arrives over dunes, water sinks into sand, across in waves that touch the edge of skin, a crab moves underwater & dissipates, feet leave & reappear, wading out into the taste of salt, a communion of currents & trees that bend towards shallow water


to be continued: XVIII – (ballet

wait in a small room,
hold still, stand with
toes pointed, dance
& a colouring book,
so here it is, spelling
mixed with a sense of
subtraction, the costume
is out of season, peek
& hide, find a small
crayon, write the name

to be continued: XVI – (bedroom

the room, an open window
of sirens, rain & passion,
about here, to be in the
shape, feet together in
knees, hands folded
between fingers, light
sleeps by the bedside,
skin becomes one,
the quite, a motion
in breath, the subtly of garlic,
capture an instant in
silence, to be here,
the blue of walls, highway
of destinations, this, the
moment, here, forever

to be continued: VI – (dog

dog, just a step,
the stick breaks, pieces of,
it’s about the meaning,
the chew toy philosophy,
but what of bugs & vinyl siding,
the house next door,
the roof, a passing car,
a fly on the arm, no sense
with reason, no proper position,
a screen door & the bitten tree,
this is the hydrant on the corner,
the shadow of himself, the front step,
the cooling coffee & bare feet