copy clerk

the table waits, eight or so in a broken line,
take this, but watch the edges, a paper cut away,

a room of white & grey, too much grey,
follow work-flow, workplace understanding,

it’s a mess of this & that, but the name,
dress to suit, don’t look up, camera eye,

security & the old man who pushes mail through
a machine, find food, but here we go,

paper upon paper, file & forget,
the experts of prep, with a gap in diversity,

a serial reinforcement across the floor,
remove sticky notes & staples,

don’t read too much, but information is
important, & here we are,

smile & look away, bald head & glasses,
wandering eyes watch the copier copy,

then again, perforated edges, cough &
smoke exhales, over the next few days,

the room will grow, smaller, to miss
the open space, the moments within,

arms against, now again, a return,
accents in voices, the nasal sound

of time & broken vowels, listen,
but here, this short ceiling, these cubes,

a room slipped inside as an after-thought,
the stamper stamps, they know their way around,

the upbeat onset of a job accepted, what cost,
paper, a question extended, think

within contained parameters, feed
the scanner, sort & lift the tray,

read into lines
& broken ideologies


to be continued: XXIII – (blog

reference, self, the

inevitable contraption,

from here, there, too

much in, dialogue, un-

spoken languages in words,

a link in suspension, let

the command stand, now

of course, enter then return

to be continued: XV – (here

after coffee, at the doorstep of,
cuticle by any other means,
the rights side of the finger,
language in another language
says some of the same things,
there is this intersection of
the mind-set, this originality
in a box, in this last instant,
a series of gaps became dynamic,
a motion of upwords down, together
in this frozen screen, cursor diaries
& dogs breath, still foul, from here,
this, this matter of tract, this one less
stand still, this power cord frenzy,
so much depends, but deepens