thinking about the strings attached
to the page, along the warm waters
of thought, & when the dog begins
to wine, abrupt while listening,
we hear the absolute in the shaking
off of wet fur, & another pen
tells a story, shared between one,
the eye in the see, we listen, of
course, the single drop in a

rain (leading into winter

it should be snowing, but water melts
& leaves tiny rivers along the edge,
small toes white from cold & breath
raw from last night dance in puddles,
two leave wait their turn while crows
holler at one another, but it’s hard to
understand, thoughts of winter begin,
question, does it begin at an onset,
no sense in a mark, something of a
missed punctuation, but as it falls,
snow seems so far away, a thought,
short, but point, waiting, maybe in time,
a slow build up, half-frozen as morning
awakes over dark streets

fall (the scent of summer

there is dust on the typewriter,
scattered letters & no coherent
words, the dog lays a little to the
left & outside the sun speaks to
fallen leaves, to say as much
as a decent goodbye, frost &
bugs that live in the bark of
a half fallen tree cling to the last
scent of summer, a spider crawls
down the street on two legs & as
the rain begins to fall, windows
leave marks on the floor & a carton
of milk stands two weeks old

to be continued: XXXI – (yard sale

liquidate the masses, move the price,
a certain amount of appeal, the sticker of
a half price sale, move everything
outside, tables & a side of change,
waiting for the first customer, a
used bag of things to need, arrive
before, leave with hands less,
sunshine & coffee squeeze, grass
roots to the next yard, one shadow
at a time, some things half gone,
nothing in the rain, a serious
negotiation about, at 2:00
pm the day begins, of a strange
haze, mowed lawn & walking tables,
tin box to pass on, what’s left,
the few things that remain

to be continued: XVI – (bedroom

the room, an open window
of sirens, rain & passion,
about here, to be in the
shape, feet together in
knees, hands folded
between fingers, light
sleeps by the bedside,
skin becomes one,
the quite, a motion
in breath, the subtly of garlic,
capture an instant in
silence, to be here,
the blue of walls, highway
of destinations, this, the
moment, here, forever