as though moving towards a state
of sleep can steal you away, magic
occurs when flying silently, to
be among the toys of adventure,
& it's off in the land, looking
for the other eye, it will drift
by, sea shells & a key, & the
door, an honest look, will remain

to be continued: XXVII – (meadow

each, the slope
of a hill, horns
& the smell of wind,
dog in the morning,
pass by, collect
samples of, & birds,
it isn’t long, like
they say, leaves to
follow, branches of
solitude, play on grass,
a page a turn,
sleep & blue skies,
the bugs don’t care,
cough with the
stick, fold, stand
& walk towards, roll
with, but go

to be continued: XVI – (bedroom

the room, an open window
of sirens, rain & passion,
about here, to be in the
shape, feet together in
knees, hands folded
between fingers, light
sleeps by the bedside,
skin becomes one,
the quite, a motion
in breath, the subtly of garlic,
capture an instant in
silence, to be here,
the blue of walls, highway
of destinations, this, the
moment, here, forever