to be continued: XXXI – (yard sale

liquidate the masses, move the price,
a certain amount of appeal, the sticker of
a half price sale, move everything
outside, tables & a side of change,
waiting for the first customer, a
used bag of things to need, arrive
before, leave with hands less,
sunshine & coffee squeeze, grass
roots to the next yard, one shadow
at a time, some things half gone,
nothing in the rain, a serious
negotiation about, at 2:00
pm the day begins, of a strange
haze, mowed lawn & walking tables,
tin box to pass on, what’s left,
the few things that remain


to be continued: XX – (bus

leaving pine centre,
a passenger in the
crowd, streets travel
through, torn knee,
the hold to skin,
once a walk, yellow
& watch your step,
press red to stop, smile,
traffic in an open window,
aquatic at the centre, soon
to get off soon, walk,
seats of a pattern,
inside the mold, tattoo
& sunglasses, weather
worn floors, step
outside, wind on
a sunny patch of grass