when blue leads to white, trees grow a darker green, it’s obvious, there is an antenna just outside the window, & not a wind blows, but let’s call the neighbors and wait for rain, what of clear skies & the small amount of dirt under your nails, i could tell you about the breathing habits of worms, however, when the roof caves in, i’ll know you are right, with a side of left, the time happens to be dependent & it’s no time at all, the little box of goodies is gone & a shrub just walk away, call this what you will, or don’t, i read in a book once that trees are made from paper and when a tree reads it eats itself, what’s the difference, the pickets aren’t here to listen, the brick is no longer red, but there is a funny shade of brown that listens when i call it, i don’t want to alarm you, the ice-cube tray said something about you yesterday, i didn’t really listen, felt marker & a painted gate, clouds stand still, still enough to be seen, so, & like i said


to be continued: XXVII – (meadow

each, the slope
of a hill, horns
& the smell of wind,
dog in the morning,
pass by, collect
samples of, & birds,
it isn’t long, like
they say, leaves to
follow, branches of
solitude, play on grass,
a page a turn,
sleep & blue skies,
the bugs don’t care,
cough with the
stick, fold, stand
& walk towards, roll
with, but go

to be continued: XX – (bus

leaving pine centre,
a passenger in the
crowd, streets travel
through, torn knee,
the hold to skin,
once a walk, yellow
& watch your step,
press red to stop, smile,
traffic in an open window,
aquatic at the centre, soon
to get off soon, walk,
seats of a pattern,
inside the mold, tattoo
& sunglasses, weather
worn floors, step
outside, wind on
a sunny patch of grass