as though moving towards a state
of sleep can steal you away, magic
occurs when flying silently, to
be among the toys of adventure,
& it's off in the land, looking
for the other eye, it will drift
by, sea shells & a key, & the
door, an honest look, will remain


outside the reason
        of writing
is an escape
into poetry,
the continuum
of words joined
        without grammatical
the jarring affect
of forgetting to make sense,

i sit
in this tiny chair,
force words to combine,
allow space & location,

& you,

the vagrant on looker,
never even had a chance,

it's this,
this ending
that only makes
it affordable

indirected questions

there are
other reason,



that propel,
in inverted

as spiral

to force &

in eyes, or centre
to the indices,

closing in directories,
crouching on meaning

copy clerk

the table waits, eight or so in a broken line,
take this, but watch the edges, a paper cut away,

a room of white & grey, too much grey,
follow work-flow, workplace understanding,

it’s a mess of this & that, but the name,
dress to suit, don’t look up, camera eye,

security & the old man who pushes mail through
a machine, find food, but here we go,

paper upon paper, file & forget,
the experts of prep, with a gap in diversity,

a serial reinforcement across the floor,
remove sticky notes & staples,

don’t read too much, but information is
important, & here we are,

smile & look away, bald head & glasses,
wandering eyes watch the copier copy,

then again, perforated edges, cough &
smoke exhales, over the next few days,

the room will grow, smaller, to miss
the open space, the moments within,

arms against, now again, a return,
accents in voices, the nasal sound

of time & broken vowels, listen,
but here, this short ceiling, these cubes,

a room slipped inside as an after-thought,
the stamper stamps, they know their way around,

the upbeat onset of a job accepted, what cost,
paper, a question extended, think

within contained parameters, feed
the scanner, sort & lift the tray,

read into lines
& broken ideologies

the sight collector

naturally occurs outside,
a box & a coin, the
phrase opposite, a
position or reason,
stand lateral the
instance, retrace the
movement, of the
same constants


eyes sink into sockets,
a value opens &
closes, because the
anode eroded


opposite the occasion, a
comma sliced in two


listening to layers, the
arriving at the surface


there are compliclarities
about the whole thing,
it’s difficult to see,
try a logic block, to
recapture reason


i hear sounds, metabolic
interpretations, joins &
tendons relationships


after a day, when rain
leaves marks on the windows
edge, prints of shape &
correspondence, maybe the
moon, the dogs licks her
bed, actions into manifestations


so suppose, i spelled
that wrong, comma
after the pen, send
a message down the
meridian, pass along
side, reach with extended
dorsal, not only does


lifted eye, of dropped
circumference, noted
between a 90° angle,
lesser of the two chairs,
exhale in, exhale out,
stapled to breath


of drifting regularities,
mapping the path, towards
remarkable inferences


opposed to the lateral, a
proposal on the medial,
one point to the


ventral, the co-lateral
development along the
triaxis of post-medial


the pilot drove over
to the left hand store,
reassured by the rising
costs, slept & walked


frozen in a trance of
inner perfection, looking
beyond the lost, listening
to the outer become inner,
a repeated silence

hello, how can i help you?

saturday arrives and lands on my
plate, two spoons, no fork, now
it’s monday & the cafeteria, a mess
of corporate bullshit/the others all
set aside, another way, flesh
toughened by urban construction,
a room without a clock, does it bother
you to be so still, watch as others eat,
food projected towards the face, a master
sample, texts that comply, respond,
listless & rotten, left the house an hour
early, unknown, listen to the tick
of clutter, walk away & the phone rings